Blood and Honor

Episode 10 - Shamkell Welcomes You

The party arrived at Shamkell to find it besieged by undead instead of Kaeylite raiders. Rona grumbled once again about Belle Marcon sending them on a suicide mission to be rid of them. Zombie ogres, skeletons, and wolves attacked from the west part of the town as the villagers hid.

In the midst of the fight, a very familiar Gotha necromancer priestess caught a glimpse of the party and cursed in frustration. “You don’t know what’s going on! I’m not your enemy… This time.” Rona knew it was the same priestess from before by the mangled hand and cast Suggestion on her, succeeding. “Cooperate with me,” she said. And so Lady Gotha, as the group fondly called their non-enemy of the day, was compelled to assist in the battle.

What was so annoying and difficult about the fight was that the skeletal pirate lieutenant had an ability to inflict necrotic damage to anyone who “killed” his skeletal pirate allies. Therefore, killing them only hurt the party members more. They eventually managed to surround the lieutenant, but he gleefully stated that they couldn’t kill him. He then vanished.

Skeleton pirates continued to harass the town. They were free-thinking and seemed to want to take over the town. The fight dragged on….

(continued next episode)


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