Blood and Honor

Episode 11 - Butting Heads

Although the battle continued, Keats did not pass up an opportunity to peddle his stank oil in the middle of town. The party continued to fight wave after wave of skeleton maunders, and it soon became clear that there was more than one leader. A squid-like Captain Leoric made himself known. Rona and Uri both fell in the battle, but Keats was able to revive Rona. Unfortunately, Uri was lost, and his entourage fled.

The fight finally turned, and the adventurers pushed the undead back so much so that the captain and his lieutenant retreated to a manor on the northeastern side of town.

After a much-needed rest, the group argued whether or not it was a good idea to take on the manor. There was the lieutenant and Captain Leoric plus over fourteen undead there that could be seen. It seemed like a very bad idea as they were fortified with unknown numbers, but John Anderson was firm about attacking. Rona, however, stated that she was not inclined to die, and she turned away.

It was made known to the party that Count has supposedly been drafting troops and sending them to three towns, but none of the Count’s men were present in Shamkell. Rona once again expressed her concern that they had been set up on a suicide mission. Ignis said perhaps they had joined the legions of the undead.

“Maybe Sister Helen’s Ethenian Church people could assist?” Rona asked. Indeed, the Count had sent the group to protect the village against raids from Kaeylites, not undead pirates.

Ignis wanted to find out who was responsible for turning people undead. Rona did not want to fight. Inquisitor Anderson refused to leave the town undefended even though Rona was sure the party would certainly be defeated, but he said they could win. Rona said they would die and become part of the skeleton army. The party sent messages to Cerl: to Sister Helen at the Church of Ethenia asking for assistance or insight into the matter, to Captain Liosa asking for assistance, and to Count Brendan Caridhas to let him know what is happening and to request orders.

And so they waited…


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