Blood and Honor

Episode 6 - Necromance If You Want To

The party continued to the next crypt and encountered two zombies and a hooded, cloaked woman. A necromancer perhaps? Tyven dashed off after her. Others tried to follow, but the necromancer disappeared, and two undead ogres attacked attacked those who attempted to keep up with Tyven. Therefore, he was cut off from everyone else, and Tyven had to face her alone.

Rona cast Thunderwave to repel the ogres, and Keats used his magic to make them run away. The necromancer, a Gotha priestess, used Touch of Death on Tyven. What the party didn’t know was that there was a second necromancer, and she cast a fireball upon the party. Rona was unconscious, Tyven was dead, and Nolgrim was nearly killed.

Rona, quite displeased with this turn of events, proceeded to question the Gotha priestess. She was not forthcoming and actually quite aloof. Rona, unfeeling, went on to torture her and cut off two fingers of the captive witch.

Priestesss: “You’ve already killed one of Bankiqa’s servants. When he finds you, what he will do you will be far worse than anything you can do to me.”
Priestesss: “He is in a place you can’t reach.”
Priestesss: “The rivers of Echia will soon run red.”
Priestesss: “Bankiqa is only the beginning.”
Rona: “Why?”
Rona: “What is after Bankiqa?”
Priestesss: “I don’t know.”
Rona: “Tell me something useful, and I will spare your life.”
Priestesss: “Will you really let me live?”
Rona: “Yes”
Priestesss: “He is after Echia.”
Rona: “Just tell me why you are here in this place.”
Priestesss: “The deep magic is stronger here.”
Rona: “Why does Bankiqa want Echia?”
Priestesss: “Have you looked around? It’s easy picking.”
Rona: “Be gone.”

The priestess smiled and walked away. The rest of the party was not happy with Rona’s decision to let her go, and there were a few ranged attempts to kill the necromancer. They all failed.

Thelena Wintermoon, the druid, stated that the deep magic was most powerful in the Dark Wood. The ley lines crossed where the party was, right there near the crypts. Certain types of rituals could be very powerful there, including animating the dead. Thelena said there is a seeker (Sister Mary Helen) who can find the demon Bankiqa .

Just then, a group of inquisitors happened upon the party. One of them, John Anderson, spoke and asked why they traveled with scourge such as the tieflings Varena and Vancia. They defended their friends, and the group was permitted to pass.

At a bit of a crossroads, the party discussed what to do as it had a noble who owed them a favor, Nolgrim received news that his on-again off-again girlfriend was in prison, Bankiqa was a problem, and someone should be told about everything going on.

The consensus was to travel back to Cerl to seek out Sister Mary Helen and also to let Commander Liosa MacLiuthar know about everything. While there, Nolgrim could visit Devan.

At Cerl, there were festivities going on. The people were awaiting the Count bringing his betrothed to the town. Rather than go seek out Sister Mary Helen, the group then reported to Commander Liosa and told her about all the goings on to date: the demon turning people into werewolves, the necromancers, etc. It was made very clear that the Count would not care.

The last task was to ask about the bandit queen Devan Ava, who was supposed to be executed upon the arrival of Count Brendan Caridhas with his betrothed Belle Marcon. The party started to scheme to bust her out.


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