Blood and Honor

Episode 7 - You're A God and I Am Not

The party thus decided to bust Devan Eva out of jail. Devan is the notorious bandit captain of The Red Hawks, a scourge to both Baron Leolin McCelland and Count Brendan Caridhas, as they operate mainly in both Cerlihid County and Skuld Barony.

Though the nobles may label her as a rebel, a traitor or a criminal, most locals regard her as a hero. Though a bandit she may be, she is highly charismatic and a lady with an almost Robin Hood type character. She strictly orders her gang to leave the commoners, homesteaders and ranchers alone and instead only target what she regards as “the big game” – tax collectors and wealthy merchant caravans.

Devan, on multiple occasions, after robbing tax collectors who have came to collect the taxes of homesteaders, returned the tax collections of the less fortunate or struggling homesteaders after consulting the ledgers. She has even brought provisions to outsteader families. Because of her generous acts, she has become known as a folk hero and a sort-of symbol in the area that nobles can’t do anything they want and expect to get away with it.

Recently, Devan was apprehended. Currently, she is being held in a dungeon in Cerl, pending an execution. When Count Caridhas announced this, there was a public outcry to release her. It, however, fell on deaf ears.

Keats confidently and assertively took charge, and the party followed him into the jail. He announced himself as a priest there to minister last rites to a prisoner about to be executed. The rest of the group were his acolytes. Deception was achieved.

There were two inquisitors standing in the prison yard. A bit of the conversation was caught, something about they wanted Devan released into their custody instead of executed by Count Caridhas.

Various party members tried to pick the lock to no avail while Keats chanted. Finally, Ignis just burned the lock. Having a potion of invisibility among the party, it was given to Devan, and she was led out among the group. They started to leave and ran into the guard John Anderson and Inquisition Knights.

Code names had been assigned to the party members, such as “Grim-nol” for Nolgrim and “John Jacob the Elder” for Keats. “John Jacob” talked to a knight to distract him, but the knight was not interested in religion. Keats, ever the salesman, said to him, “Excuse me brother, have you heard the good news? That fresh breath is pleasing to the gods? Well I have something for you…” He tried to sell a mint for 2 gold, but the knight was not going to buy. Keats lowered the price to 5 silver, saying, “A clean mouth is akin to a clean soul, my son.” Uri, attempting to play along, said, “Have you accepted Stank Oil into your life?”

Just about the time when the party reached the jail door is when the guards realized they had been duped. Keats cast Pass Without a Trace, and the party fled to the Bandit Camp. Rona asked, “So we’re abandoning the idea of going to see the seeker Sister Mary Helen who can help us find Bankiqa?”

Ignis answered, “For now.”

Apparently the group’s priorities shifted to locating some artifact that Devan knows how to find. However, she discovered at the camp that many of her bandits had disbanded and that she was no longer in control of her people. Then this happened:

Uri: Rona, play really loud to lure in any potential party members!
Rona makes up bawdy songs about the party
Rona makes fun of herself as well as the others
Rona makes a joke about a stick up Uri’s ass that sticks out of his mouth
Jack (GM): The group applauds Rona. One of them brings her a bowl of food and demands she eats.
Rona is appreciative and continues the performance
Rona sings about politician greed and eventual uprising of the commoners
Rona tucks away the fact that Uri worships Ignis’ sister
Rona winks at Ignis

Ignis found out that Uri worships his sister Allie, who had been back in the homeland deifying herself. After a bit of a heated discussion and clearing up a misunderstanding, Uri learned that his “goddess” is truly Ignis’ sister. Therefore, Uri now worshipped Ignis as well. Rona, for fun, decided to worship Ignis as well. Ignis was embarrassed and asked Rona to stop her advances. She did not because fun is fun.

The group hit the road again and crossed paths with John Anderson and the Inquisitors. John demanded to speak to Devan, and Nolgrim bristled. He said to John that he knew John only sought the artifact of power, some circlet. Nolgrim and the others tried to convince John to join us. Rona sat down against a tree, singing, and said three will need to be killed before one would join. Ignis disagreed, saying that John would never travel with a group that killed his inquisitors.

John Anderson told the party that they were permitted to go and fetch the relic, but they must return it to the church. For such a task, John decided to join them on the journey to Mythhelm. Ignis told Nolgrim that these people, these inquisitors, killed the mother of Vancia and Varena. Not good.

Along the way, the party encountered and defeated several goblins, a goblin shaman, and a hag. The countryside was not safe…


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