Vivanae (Viv) Autumnborn

A spritely young half-elf who yearns for adventure


Vivanae is a small creature, gifted with neither the slender build of her elven lineage nor the strength of her human one. Her hair is shock-red and shows signs of neglect, often sporting the occasional twig or leaf that has decided to stow away during one of her forays into the wood.

While not physically imposing, one can only be impressed by the lively sparkle in her hazel eyes and the youthful smile that adorns her face. She is innocence and adventure personified, and her constant energy has been known to wear down even the most stout companions.

She wears hastily-sewn furs and leathers for protection, sturdily made but lacking any real beauty. At her side swings a dagger and a quiver of bodkin arrows, and she carries a yew longbow on her back.


Viv is a product of a poorly-planned tryst between a Kyladian huntsman and his Corvenian lass, no doubt some starry-eyed lord’s daughter wandering too far from home. She knew neither of them, as she was abandoned by her mother shortly after birth. No right-minded Corvenian would ever court such a scandal as an elvenblood child. In a basket of wicker she was floated downriver into Kyladian territory, where she was picked up by a stonemason who happened to be building a bridge at the time.

The stonemason served the same lord who employed Uriano’s father as a member of the guard, and though Uri was some years older than the girl, the two become childhood companions. During the days Viv would hunt elk and rabbits in the forest, trading the pelts and meat for medicine and food with which to support her aging adoptive-father. At night she would sneak into the castle and listen to Uri’s stories of brave heroes and glorious last-stands, and slowly she grew to know a deep love for adventure.

As time went on, Uri made his vows to the order of the Eternal Glaive and began his training as an Orchid Knight, leaving no time for foolish childhood nonsense. Viv’s ailing father died in her late teen years, and she took to the forests, hunting, trapping, and exploring the occasional ruin. She happened to be in town during the day of the Corvenian assassination, and fled with Uri into the wilds. She has self-employed herself as Uri’s squire, much to his chagrin.

Vivanae (Viv) Autumnborn

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