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In the center of The Inner Sea, to the west of Kyladia and to the east of Kaeyl is the large island-nation of Echia – a new nation with fertile land, rolling hills, damp moors and misty valleys. Born out of the chaos of The Hundred-Year-War, King Owen Ivor endeavors to modernize his country as quickly as possible. But times are tough in Echia – the weak economy spurs banditry as a means of survival, their old enemy, Kaeyl, continues to raid by sea and the Echians themselves are a people still struggling to find their own culture.

Current Issues

Bandits a’plenty

Times are tough in this country and people have to make a living any way they can. More than a few bandit clans roam the region, and they’re getting more brazen (or desperate) every day…

A notable bandit captain named Devan Eva was recently apprehended. She is currently being held in a Cerl jail, awaiting execution.

To Heir is Human

Brendan Caridhas’ only son and heir, Coilean Caridhas, has announced his engagement to a commoner named Norene Cece. Marriage to a commoner is against the laws of nobility. Coilean has been missing for a couple weeks, presumed to have run off to elope with his fiance. Unless Coilean is found and returned, the county seat of Cerlihid County has no heir.

Impending Issues

Corruption Among the Nobles

The nobles of Echia compete for power throughout Echia. Cloak and dagger politics abound amongst the nobles. Is a full-out civil war imminent?

Looming War

The coastal raids of the Kaeylites have been increasing as of late. It seems that It is only a matter of time before they launch another full-scale invasion. Will Echia be ready?

Attacking the Darkness

Ever since the Thessallions brought their religion to Echia, it began to spread like wildfire. Their inquisitions hunt down and destroy heretics. However, ever since their arrival, something sinister seems to be lurking on the horizon – a darkness the likes of which even the Grand Cathedral has never seen before. Is the inquisition putting a stop to it, or are they the ones stirring it up?

Blood and Honor

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