Blood and Honor

Episode 12 - "Always speak politely to an enraged Dragon"

About a week passed, and finally assistance arrived. Inquisitors and folks from the Ethenian Church arrived. They were welcomed and summarily asked for assistance in the matter at hand.

Keldorn, an aging inquisitor, was obviously in charge. His holy symbol didn’t match the others, and even John Anderson did not recognize it. He said The Revered Mother would not send help from Cerl, so he came from the Church of Laencaster Thessal, the home Etheniasm. Among his entourage was an investigator of the Travari named Traven Wintersong.

Keldorn was able to give a lot of information to the group regarding the undead incursion in Shamkell, particularly about Captain Leoric. Some time before this, there was a Corvenian Admiral who was sent off to fight, being the imperialists they are. The battle turned against him, and the Corvenians abandoned him. Therefore, he turned to piracy for a living. Years passed, and when he got old, a deal with a devil to turn himself into a lich in order to avoid death. Unfortunately, his whole crew was turned undead as well. Killing him and his minions has no effect; they only rise again.

In order for the adventurers to kill him for good, they have to find a way to “un-lich” him. This required finding his phylactery and destroying it. Unfortunately, Captain Leoric had an entire fleet, and the group had no idea where to find it. Keldorn stated that a boat or ship was needed for the task.

The party members asked Thelena if she knew where to find The Seeker, as this individual could be useful in locating the place of the lich’s phylactery. She said yes and that there was a problem she wanted them to solve first. There was a place where griffons lived, and they have started attacking people’s cattle. This behavior was unusual and something they had never done before. She wanted the party to find out what the cause of this was and to solve it.

The group trekked to the mountains to where the griffons lived and were attacked by massive winter wolves. By a combination of spells and might, the monsters were dispatched. After the battle, it was late afternoon. A short rest was taken in the cold, and the party moved on, eventually locating the remains of the griffon roost. There was old excrement containing goat, but the griffons had not been there in awhile. Large footprints in the area indicated movement but then then disappeared, as if from a being that could fly. Ignis said it was most likely an adolescent dragon, and due to the area, perhaps a white dragon. Traven’s owl found a cave that probably served as the dragon’s lair. Rona cast Leomund’s Tiny Hut so the group could rest comfortably prior to confronting the dragon. Ignis’ idea was to go talk to the dragon and ask it to leave the area.

The next day, Ignis went forth to talk to the dragon, who was actually a blue dragon. The rest of the party remained outside the cave. Rona cast Comprehend Languages so she could eavesdrop on their conversation. Ignis said that he was sent by his father Vanlith to check up on all the dragons of the world. The dragon said, “Well, you’ve checked up on me.” Ignis then broached the subject of the griffons.

“Yeah, I moved in, they left. They’re smart,” replied the dragon.
“Why?” Ignis asked.
“Gotta live somewhere.”

The dragon said he moved in after the griffons left. Ignis posed that if the griffons returned, would the dragon leave them alone. The dragon said, “Maybe, maybe not.” He wondered what griffons tasted like.

The dragon, whose name was Uddrerryg, popped out, looked at Ignis, and said, “How long have you been like this? Your father was a cruel man.” Ignis replied that his father had only ever showed him kindness. Uddrerryg finally consented to not bothering the griffons should they choose to return, for whatever reason they were so important to the party. However, he steadfastly refused to leave. Uddrerryg had no idea where the griffons went or where they currently lived.

That being done, the party needed to locate the griffons and convince them to return home. Since Thelena’s tribe had a connection with them, the hope was that perhaps she or one of her people could assist in communicating with the griffons and let them know that they could return to their land.


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