Blood and Honor

Episode 13 - "Morthward"

The cold was bitter and ever-present, chilling the adventurers to the bone as they headed down the mountain towards Shamkell to find Thelena. Unfortunately, a blizzard hit, and several frost giants attacked. The whipping winds and blinding snow made it very difficult to fight, but the party was victorious nonetheless.

They eventually made their way back to town, and Ignis explained to Thelena everything that happened with Uddrerryg. He asked if she would speak to the griffons about the situation, and she agreed. Therefore, they all trekked together to where the griffons were hiding, and she spoke to them in their strange language. There was some squawking and pawing at the ground, and then the griffons flew off.

A debate ensued about what to do next… scry on the phylactery? Ask about the lich? Go to the church? After much talk, it was decided to find the Seeker who is somewhere north of Cerl in the “Morth Forest”.


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