Blood and Honor

Episode 15 - The Promise of Everlasting Death

The Knight Commander Jack accosted the party and demanded that they give back what they stole. At first, they played dumb. Rona tried casting Charm Person but failed. At that, she went on an act of just wanting love and acceptance, and Ignis joined in. “Look, you made her cry! What kind of man does that?” However, the Knight Commander was unmoved and simply uttered, “Just kill them.” Lucky for the group, they him first. In face, that killed all of his men and looted the bodies. There was plate mail, a flail, a shield, a breastplate, a mace, and gloves along with some precious stones and an amulet.

The adventurers, now on the run, returned to Shamkell with the hopes of hiring a ship and crew. When they arrived, the townsfolk seemed more on edge than usual. Something was in the air. The group asked about a boat, but there was none to be had and nothing coming anything soon. The undead pirates had killed trade along with a demon in the woods and werewolves around. Apparently word had gotten out.

The sound of large, flapping wings beat in the distance, followed by the sound of a near deafening roar. Uddrerryg appeared in the east, soaring over the hilltops. With his rear paw, Uddrerryg grabbed a section of the roof and tore it off the ruined manor. In an aerial acrobatic roll, he launched the structure toward the center of the village. The lump landed like a catapult round in the center of town, crashing into a middle-aged woman, and killed her instantly. Traven, standing next to her, was also killed. The lump of rock and wood blasted dirt, debris, and blood over everyone in the town center. Perhaps in other, more civilized kingdoms of the world, the villagers would’ve screamed and fled, and indeed a few did. But these were Echians. They stood resolute, wielding crude clubs and farm equipment as impromptu weapons as they watched to see what happened.

“Leoric, come out and face me,” Uddrerryg growled.

The sun grew dark as if it had just set, although it still loomed at its zenith. Then the wind picked up, bringing clouds from the south at unnatural speed. In what seemed to be an instant, the undead captain blared from the manor and faced Uddrerryg, undaunted by the massive beast.

“You are a long way from home, visitor," the captain sneered.

“The same might be said for you, Leoric.”

“This isn’t your dominance, dragon. Return home. You have no business here. Or is it your family’s goal to rule the whole world?”

Uddrerryg snarled. “You know nothing of my family or my kind. My presence makes this my dominance, and that means that these humans are mine. You have no right to them or anything else you’ve taken.”

“Pompous fool! You think that because you are -”

A strike of lightning crashed down between Leoric and Uddrerryg, almost as if on cue to silence the captain. The booming sound of thunder pounded through the village, knocking loose boards and cloth against buildings. The party, Leoric, and the townsfolk, all recoiled at the flash of sound, but Leoric regained his composure.

“If you destroy me now,” said Leoric, “I’ll just come back with more forces. You may win this battle, but you will be overwhelmed.”

“Take your cronies and leave now, and I’ll spare you the embarrassment of another defeat.”

“You cannot kill us, dragon. We are the immortals of the -”

“You are a band of billions that were duped by your master. Do you know what the best part of your curse is?”

“What?” asked Leoric, snidely.

“We get the pleasure of killing you over and over again.”

Leoric drew his saber and charged, his undead minions following suit. Uddrerryg, satisfied with how easy it was to provoke the captain, smiled and readied himself for the onslaught.


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