Count Brendan Caridhas

Count of Cerlihid County


Brendan Caridhas is the Count of Cerlihid County. During The Hundred Year War, he saved the life of King Owen Ivor by taking an arrow. Ivor rewarded him by bestowing the title of Count after the war was won.

Count Caridhas lives in Cerl, although he spends no time governing the city himself. Seeing himself as a warchief and not a politician, he busies himself overseeing troops dealing with bandits and Kaeylite raiders at sea. He leaves the governing of the city to his four Patriars – petty nobles he has assigned to oversee the city’s welfare.

Throughout the last two years, Caridhas has continued to draft young men and women into the military to protect sea villages from Kaeylite raiders and border villages from bandit raids. Because of this, Caridhas has very little approval from his people.

Recently, his son Coilean Caridhas caused him further embarrassment when he announced his engagement to a commoner, Norene Cece, even though it is against the rules of nobility and then Coilean and Norene disappeared.

Lastly, Caridhas ordered the execution of the beloved renegade Devan Eva, who is currently being held in a dungeon in Cerl, pending execution. There has been a lot of outcry from the public for Count Caridhas to release her.

Most recently, he was befriended by our heroes who shared knowledge about the recent happenings around Cerl. We seem to have impressed him somewhat & earned his trust because he Knighted a few of our group after his wedding celebration where he wed Belle Marcon.


Count Brendan Caridhas

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