Devan Eva

Bandit Leader of the Red Hawks


Devan Eva is the notorious bandit captain of The Red Hawks, a scourge to both Baron Leolin McCelland and Count Brendan Caridhas, as they operate mainly in both Cerlihid County and Skuld Barony.

Though the nobles may label her as a rebel, a traitor or a criminal, most locals regard her as a hero. Though a bandit she may be, she is highly charismatic and a lady with an almost Robin Hood type character. She strictly orders her gang to leave the commoners, homesteaders and ranchers alone and instead only target what she regards as “the big game” – tax collectors and wealthy merchant caravans.

Devan, on multiple occasions, after robbing tax collectors who have came to collect the taxes of homesteaders, returned the tax collections of the less fortunate or struggling homesteaders after consulting the ledgers. She has even brought provisions to outsteader families. Because of her generous acts, she has become known as a folk hero and a sort-of symbol in the area that nobles can’t do anything they want and expect to get away with it.

Recently, Devan was apprehended. Currently, she is being held in a dungeon in Cerl, pending an execution. When Count Caridhas announced this, there was a public outcry to release her. It, however, fell on deaf ears.

More recently, the party took it upon themselves to create a ruse and with some luck, managed to free Devan without bloodshed. Devan and the warrior Nolgrim had an on-again/off-again romance; it’s no secret that they have much in common & are fond of each other but both are too stubborn to set aside their egos and make it work… Currently Devan Eva is back with her bandits plotting her next move.


Devan Eva

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