Blood and Honor

Episode 14 - On The Sacrificial Altar To Success

Thelena took the party to a shady grove to meet The Keeper of the tribe Avar’Soorn. She was very old and looked like a cross between an elf and an ent. She wanted to know what our questions were. Rona started by asking about Bankiqa, the dolls, how he controlled people with them, how he made werewolves, why he was making werewolves, where he resided, what his weaknesses were.

What she said was that Bankiqa has a pocket plane of zone and fire is a weakness.

Ignis then asked about the location of the lich and his phylactery.

Woe to the admiral Amias Steph Victore, the bringer of death and harvester of souls. For he who had sold a 100 souls to the arch-demoness locked in the pillar of earth. Though she is locked away her power is still great. It was through her that the dead admiral had learned the secret of undead immortality. He had locked away his own soul in the amulet crafted from the skin of The Dream-Speaker. Such deplorable means did the admiral use and such power did it unleash upon your world. The admiral was fooled. The ritual did not only curse him, it had cursed his entire crew. Making them all twist and die in pain and torment. Their souls were all trapped in the phylactery and stored in the pillar of earth. Trapped with the demoness. Dare you open the door? Once guarded by the People of the Shield. Now left forgotten. Bound by the thrice-held lock. The beast will be released. The Warden will not be happy. The lock is waning.

Ignis posited that the lock takes the three circlets to open. So an argument ensued about which order to acquire them. That debate was never concluded, and then it was decided to go back to Shamkell to seek out the help of Keldorn once more. The party was hoping that his sway could convinced the Revered Mother to give the circlet back to the group that they took when Ignis was possessed by it.

Keldorn refused to go with the party because the town needed his aid in defense, but he would write a letter on behalf of the party.

The next stop for the party was the Ethenian Church to see Mary Helen. Rona cast Invisibility on herself and some food off a table (“the glutinous ghost”) before heading up behind Mary Helen and checking out the area. Mary Helen, not surprisingly, refused to give up the circlet. Therefore, while the party was talking, Rona found a secret door that gave way to a hidden room. Inside was the circlet, which she took, and then made her way outside of the church where some of the other party members were waiting. Rona dropped the Invisibility spell, and then poked her head into the church. “Ignis, did you call me?” she said innocently.

Ignis replied that he hadn’t, but since they were getting nowhere, it was time to go. The group then headed to see the Count, but he was very ill. Countess Belle Marcon was there though, and suddenly the party was beset by several assassins, nearly a dozen! It was a long, arduous battle, but the party was victorious once again without losing anyone. Belle had the circlet upon her head. Rona cast Suggestion to see if Belle would remove it and give it to her. Belle sternly looked at her and said, “Do not do that again.”

Ignis ran to her side and asked if she was alright. “Yes. You’re all alive; that’s fortunate for you.”

Rona cast Healing Word on her to hopefully help make amends. Belle did not know why assassins targeted her, other than she was the Count’s wife. Ignis brought up the fact that she sent the group to the village of Shamkell and that the situation there was far worse than anyone mentioned. He explained about the lich and that the party needed her circlet.She then realized that he had a circlet, and she said, “Where did you get that?!” He answered, “A goblin king.” Ignis explained that when he put the circlet on his head, he had a vision of the door. She also knew this, but she was unable to remove the circlet from her head.

“It’s been in the family for ten generations,” she said. Ignis assured her that when the group was done opening the door, it would be safely returned to her. Belle pondered for a bit and eventually said that once the group retrieved the third circlet, return to her, and then she would consider offering her assistance. For now, the only help she will provide is paying for a foreign captain if the group can locate a ship.


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