Blood and Honor

Episode 2 - Big Damn Heroes

After receiving a free meal and a good room from Skolland, he offered the party employment on behalf of Baron Leolin McCelland. A recent shipment of provisions to the township of Rybalka had gone missing. Skolland offered the party 15 gold each if they could secure the provisions.

The party accepted the offer and set off for Rybalka.

On the first day of their journey with the sun nearing its zenith, the otherwise peaceful journey was broken by the sudden sound of a woman’s scream. In the distance, a human woman burst from the tree line to the west, panicked and covered in blood.

Out of sorts, the woman didn’t see the party walking along the road way until she was barely fifteen feet away. A look of terror filled her eyes, and she screamed again. She fell to her knees and threw her hands in the air; “Please! Don’t hurt me!”

The party didn’t do well to try to calm the woman down, but they did learn that her name was Silis MacLuirg and that she lived in a ranching homestead currently occupied by bandits. She managed to escape, but her husband and two children were still in the homestead.

The party hesitated about whether they should take the excursion and help, but in the end decided to assist the woman. Leaving her on the road, they rushed to the homestead and slayed the bandits that had taken up residence there.

They freed the two children who were, much to their surprise, tieflings – Vancia MacLuirg and Varena MacLuirg.

The party was wounded and tired and decided to rest for the night at the homestead, despite Vancia begging for them to go out and look for their mother who hadn’t returned.

When they set out in the morning, they found Silis dead on the road. An crossbow bolt made of white alder pierced her heart. It seemed well made and Viktor Nolgrim deduced it was likely not a bolt made from highwaymen or other bandits since they tended to have rudimentary tools at best.


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