Blood and Honor

Episode 3 - The Shit Cave

The party carried on with their original mission to find the missing provisions. They journeyed for some time until they found the scene of the ambush. On the other side of a small river, a wagon was overturned, and rubble and damaged supplies spill over the side. Two dead Echian Longstriders, gutted and mostly eaten, were still yoked to the over-turned vehicles. No bridge existed on the path. They quickly deduced the caravan must have forded it.

A tribe of goblins seemed to have found this bounty first, being the notorious scavengers that they are. Little heads suddenly poked out from behind the carts, crude bows and blades in hand. They gazed upon the humans’ flesh and licked their lips voraciously.

The goblins flung disgusting arrows at the party while others charged in, gleefully singing a death song. The goblins didn’t stand much of a chance, but they didn’t care.

After dispatching the goblins, the party followed the tracks of the remaining wagons of the shipment to find a cave inhabited by kobolds. After figuring out that standing outside the cave and making idiotic animals sounds didn’t lure them out yet instead notified them of their presence, the party ventured in and slew the kobolds. They were also confronted by a giant hyena the kobolds kept as a guard dog. The team took a few scrapes but were victorious. The found the missing shipment in the cave along with a few other baubles.


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